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These are some of the reasons that customers like you choose Tellurium Q, in their own words:

“Hi Geoff,

Most Hi Fi products these days are of good quality they do not survive if not. I call these 3 star products from which a decent system can be built up. Among these there are products which perform above most. I call these 4 star products. However very rarely a product comes along which gives something extra and changes for the better how a system can reproduce music. I call these 5 star products. The Ultra Black interconnect and the Blue Diamond speaker cable are for me 5 star products .That the Black Diamond interconnects perform well above these is a remarkable achievement which I bet did not come easily. Yes I like them.

Blue Diamonds arrived 6 days after order placed that’s pretty good service thank you. They are a bit cranky to run in but after about 30 hrs + 2 hits of your burn in disc they seem to have settled down. No doubt they will open up a bit more yet. These cables replaced Shunyata Cobras which had replaced top of the range (at the time) Cardas (purchased 2nd hand).These cables have very high reputations the Cardas being approx 3 or 4 times as expensive (ie as new) and the Shunyatas approx twice as expensive as the cables I purchased from you. So tough competition you would think?

Well to these quite experienced ears the Tellurium [Q] cables are far superior in every Hi Fi parameter that I can think of and that would be enough of itself for your cables to be very good value however your cables are also in another league entirely in the natural way they portray music. I am sure your more expensive cables offer further performance but as I listen I do not have a sense of anything lacking there are no that’s great BUT or I wish there WAS moments so count me as a very satisfied customer.”

Glyn Fuller, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia
"Just to let you know that i received my Tellurium green cables back today, all ready for a weekend's Listening.

I would also like to thank you so much for a wonderful job you made of them. Even the packing was excellent with a nice new box. I think your service was first class and i am one very happy customer. I shall not hesitate to buy products from you in the future. Thanks once again and have a nice week end.

best wishes,"

Gary Giddings, UK

As in the past I have got carried away with HIfi foo and upgrades I thought I would concentrate on the following aspects when buying my electronics and cables. I wanted the companies to...

  • Be British
  • Concentrate on R&D rather than tweaking equipment with a new colour and churning it out!
  • Be approachable and honest so the little men like myself can have some direct contact if needed
  • Reasonably priced

The obvious first step was to choose Rega for my electronics as I lived in Southend for years and my parents still live there so I have some emotional attachment. So, I bought CD, Amp, DAC and Speakers from Dave at Radlett Audio. Dave is a no-nonsense guy who has been around for years and who’s judgement I trust, so again an obvious choice.

I was using Chord cabling at the time and although its been great in the past, I was not getting the sound I really aspired to get. I thought it must be the electronics as cables do make a difference but not that much…..or so I thought. I was getting a little depressed with the sound of the system and that magic was just not there in the music. It was good, but not great. Again I put it down to the electronics as I have spent shed loads on equipment before and this is a reasonably priced systems, so this must be the price you pay for paying less? To be honest even in the expensive systems, I could still not find the sound I wanted. So……..trip back to Dave at Radlett Audio. He said “try the Tellurium Q Black speaker cables”. “Never heard of them”, I said. Dave assured me that they sound awesome and would bring the magic back to my system. I needed 2x4m, so not a small sum of money I needed to spend. I trusted Dave so took the plunge.

Cables arrived at Radlett next day. Wow, that was super quick and all terminated up and ready to go. Plugged them in expecting to be predictably disappointed, as I have been so many times with hifi! So stuck on the Foo Fighters and HOLY MOLEY!!! It was incredible! It sounded like a completely different system. The mid band muddiness was all gone, the sound was sweet and the lows are back to where they should be. It all sounded incredibly balanced and detailed and most of all enjoyable. 6 hours later and numerous CDS later I was still going, playing old and new CDs and enjoying them all over again and this was only with a change of speaker cable. I wonder what changing the interconnects and Digital RCA would do……..back to Dave!

Changed the interconnects and I could not afford the Digital RCA and again, got the same “slap in face” improvement. This was just silly now! My system sounded totally awesome and in synergy, fast and clean and loads of detail, but not clinical at all, just, well it just sounded right.

Managed to buy a second hand Digital RCA at a good price, but on receiving it found it to be faulty. A quick message to you at Tellurium and the offer of his cable service and the cable was out the door and back by return (super fast!!!). Hooked up the fixed cable now expecting another improvement, and I was not disappointed.

I now have a great system and one to be proud of. The Rega and Tellurium synergy is second to none to my ears and this is back up, finally, with a dealer I trust and two companies that make great products and are approachable and honest about the products they produce. Tellurium Q Black has been a real eye opener for me and it’s reassuring to think that we can still push the boundaries of what is possible without resorting to hifi foo and mystery.

I did not believe that cabling could actually improve a system as much as yours has mine and I am so glad Dave pointed me towards your company.

Many thanks for restoring my faith in this world of mass manufacturing and marketing hype where many of us as always predictably disappointed in the products that promised so much, but in the real world are wide of the mark.

Sorry this has turned into a long story, but I got a bit carried away and I am so happy with the product you produce I just could not stop writing!!!

Thanks again Geoff, the company you are part of is truly amazing in the products it produces and your attitude to customers.

All the best,
Shari Payne, UK

Mini Review from USA customer

“In direct comparison with the much more expensive Synergistic Research (SR)Tesla Apexs the TQ Ultra Blacks outperformed. I also directly compared them to the Supra Swords. Right from the start, they exhibited no grain, glare, or hardness. Very musical, in fact quite soothing. They excelled the Supras in detail, micro and macro dynamics (PRAT), and sound staging. They are very "quick" like the SRs and Valhalla's, the Supras are lethargic in comparison. I've spent about 8-9 hours listening and with each day they are opening up (just a tad constricted at first), the detail is increasing, the sound stage is widening/deepening. The sound stage has a great holographic quality, with ample ambient retrieval. The front edge of notes is very clean with excellent tonal balance and decay. The speed is very noticeable on plucked guitar strings, horns, harmonica, and some of the new syn sounds. The Owl City - Ocean Eyes album blew me away - mesmerizing. The layered syns and vocals, with complex sound staging, layered from right left and front to back, all in a series of movements. With the TQs it was all laid bare, and the effect was immediate - hypnotizing. Wow!

But there is something else going on, I really noticed it when I swapped the Supra 30 Year Anniv Ref interconnects for the Tellurium Q ICs. I'm still trying to put my finger on it exactly, an ease in the flow of the music. The songs I've listened to hundreds of times over the decades seem to go by faster. In other words, rather then being bored, I'm finding myself getting lost in the songs and the time passes quicker. The SRs are very detailed as well, but I'm not getting that same flowing effect.”

Bob Kuchman, Washington State, USA

“Your cables arrived last Tuesday but I did not have the time to put them on until Friday. Just to provide a meaningful perspective for what I am about to write, let me give you an account of my modest setup:

Analogue: Funk Firm Vector V2 with Funk modified RB301 tone arm and Benz Micro ACE SL cartridge. Phono: Sonneteer Sedley Digital: Naim CD-5x with FlatCap 2x Amp: Naim Nait XS Speakers: Harbeth P3-ESR

Speaker stands and equipment rack is by Audio Magic (Denmark). Mains power distributor is Furutech eTP-80 using Furutech Alpha3 power cables. Previous cables I owned: Nordost Solar Wind, Harmonic Technology Fantasy speaker cable and Truthlink ic, DNM Reson, Kimber 4TC with Timbre ic, Furutech CS-10pa speaker cable and CA-22pa ic.

Let’s get clear straight from the off that I am no reviewer and no expert. I have been an avid music fan from the age of 12 (now in my mid 40s) and that’s about all the experience I can claim. What follows are my impressions in my room with my setup and my ears.

Initial impressions were of notable bass performance, shut-in midrange and a rolled-off top end albeit exhibiting flat response and a tad darker than neutral presentation. Several hours later down the weekend and things had improved considerably. PraT was as good as can ever be expected from such a setup, midrange was open and lucid with more air around the instruments and bass was beyond reproach being articulate, firm and tuneful without ever lacking in heft. Moreover, there was ample useful inner detail devoid of even the slightest hint of over-analysis and suddenly it became clear what the leading edge of a note is all about. Forgetting bass, mid and treble for a moment, it was more than conspicuous that music was abundantly flowing through letting one to focus on the message and forget all about the medium.

The more I listen to it the more I am convinced of its inherent “rightness” and evenhandedness. It is not easy to put that into words but music has gained once again its seamless flow.

I wish you all the best and please extend my compliments to the designer (or team of) of your products."

Best regards, Vassilis Vassilis Alexopoulos, Athens, Greece

“Just thought I would let your know that your cables are A1 +++++. The resolution and sound stage have gone up 3 notches with the Ultra Blacks. Amazing resolution of instrument placements and sound stage depth. The XLRs have a very natural sheen to them and great resolution. Quiet as you could get. Very impressed. These are truly great cables.

You have hit on something pretty special with the Ultra Blacks though and I’ve had some pretty fancy cables in my system over the years. Great stuff!” The more I listen to my system now, the more enjoyment I discover.

Let me try to explain.

I have an abiding interested in composers between about 1650 and 1900 who lived in the shadows of the superstars such as Mozart and Beethoven etc. Many fine composers have been passed over as a result.

I thought I might give an example of what the Tellurium cables have allowed me to enjoy.

One of these composers is one Luigi Gatti (1740-1817).

I had bought a CD of World Premiere recordings of some of his works, on Brilliant Classics label.

3 concertos.

I have listened to this recording a few times and thought “this is pleasant music, a forerunner of Mozart”.

Not outstanding, but OK.

Well, I’ve just finished another listen with the Telluriums in the system. It is an absolute revelation!

This is wonderful music and very well recorded.

I was trying to find a way to describe this and the best analogy I came up with was that it was like pouring a glass of sparkling mineral water and you see all the bubbles rising up.

And that’s what they are. A bunch of bubbles rising to the surface, all in focus but in a bunch, one indistinguishable from the other but part of the mass.

The cables allowed me to see individual bubbles in absolute clarity but still observe all the other bubbles as part of the whole presentation. It transformed a “nice” recording into a wonderful musical experience.

I’m not trying to butter your toast here Geoff but as a result of this revelation I want to ask how much for a pair of interconnects (RCA) at 2m length. System: valve monoblocks (Consonance Cyber 845s) driving Avantegard Uno Nanos (horns)"

Brett Sowerby, NSW, Australia

Fresh from the Keyboard of a customer like you

“I have just put Tellurium black interconnects into my system and have found even prior to 'burning in' they are stunningly coherent. There is a balanced presentation which exudes detail but does not render any part of the sound overblown, no part of the presentation audibly overshadows another part. This coherence is critically important.

All too frequently high cost within the system comes with the caveat that the system might be too revealing i.e. it may show some some vinyl and CDs to be poor quality either in pressing or recoding production. Whilst there is some logic in this, no one wants to render any part of their music collection unlistenable. Tellurium black is hugely revealing but its presentation is not brittle, it is a cable for people who like music.

Tellurium really does present as if it is a cable for the people and that is the highest accolade of all. “

Will Hill, Norwich....6th Dec, 2011

“Dear Sirs,

Tellurium Q Black speaker cable

"I am selling my major UK name cable described as "the best before they get silly" by a previous dealer. Well that was then. I'd have been less surprised if a ghost had passed through the room when I set these Telluriums up - my system just opened out with neutrality but also bags of detail and instrumental placement. I can only describe it as if sonically it throws a bucket of water in the air, only to catch it all back, every drop. It has revolutionised a great specialist 300B driven vinyl system allowing my rare Feastrex 5" Alnico "Monster Magnet" speakers to flourish in a way I'd never imagined, I mean by becoming many, many grades better. They were great but are now truly beautiful, moving and mesmerising. Even CD plays well. The price and quality equation are massively out of kilter [with the industry]. Tellurium Q Black cable is staggering and simply astonishingly very good value. All the best to this company as there is immense talent obvious here. I'd buy an upgrade blind within a reasonable price point, if they can materially beat this quite extraordinary product.”

Yours faithfully,

Geordie Kidston, London

“Thought i would pen a few words if you want to use them on the tinterweb...

To start i'll cover my system and what it does..I have spent many years and as much as i could afford in getting the best from my music and have settled on a system comprising rega front end in the shape of a P3/24 with psu and Trichord dino for vinyl and Saturn cdp. Amplification is ATC SIA2-150 with ATC Scm 19 speakers. I chose Atc after a chance audition and liked the thought that went into the products and the ethos of preserving phase relationships and low distortion with the super linear drivers. Cabling was [edited: a well know brand], somewhere near the top of their range. It has always given a musical, easy to listen to sound that just sounded right. Imaging was not spectacular and i thought that was an ATC thing but it was more than enjoyable. Anyhow having read a lot about Tellurium Q speaker cables i thought I would give them a go as the preserving phase fitted in with atc's idea.

I borrowed a set of TQ black speaker cables and it was instantly better than the [edited: a well know brand] in the way the sound emerged from the speakers in that it did not sound like a pair of speakers, but one large point source with a glorious midrange that put vocals in my lap! Bass improved and now fills the room and makes my 19's feel like a pair of SCM40's with plenty of tension and detail. Further up the scale the top end was smooth but in no way soft, with plenty of air which makes the atc tweeter sound like a much more expensive unit.

The sound as a whole is massive with a large expansive sound stage, plenty of rhythm and spot on timing, these thin unassuming wires are quite magical!

Having got used to the black i thought, well what the hell, why not try a pair of black interconnects to hook up the saturn with......Wow!!!. After 20 or so hours these compliment the speaker cables and really open things up, the speakers have disappeared and it like listening to a wall of sound as though the whole wall behind my speakers has turned into a transducer! (if you can imagine that!). I can now hear the acoustic space in which a recording is made especially with live un amplified music. The syngergy is remarkable and you need to listen to this combination to get the phase relationship thing. Geoff is right in that you don;t notice the distortion etc until its gone, and only then will your music be music rather than hifi.

Ibriefly put back my old cables and everything collapsed and sounded quite thin and brittle in comparison so i feel justified that these modest cables really do more than they say on the tin and everyone should get these, they really are that good....i don't see these being changed until i can scrape enough funds to go active with scm50's but that will be a few yrs away yet!

many thanks Geoff and Colin at TQ for turning the cable industry on its head!”

Phillip Reilly, Norwich, Norfolk, UK


“Back to subjective evaluation. I compared the TelluriumQ cables to my previous cables including Audio Note’s high-quality silver cables, all major Zu cables, several Qued cables etc. In my system, the TelluriumQ’s simply turned out to be in a class of their own. I thought Franck Tschang’s hand-made copper-silver-gold-platinum interconnects would be my final reference cables. Now I think that the TelluriumQ’s interconnects are even better”.

Kai Ekholm , Oct 8, 2011

“I guess an Englishmen would say, "oh dear me" when he heard this cable. That was what I was thinking, and must say yes there is a difference between the Green and the Ultra Black, and that is that the Ultra Black really wipes away that little curtain that’s in front of the speakers, and see to it that the music and sound stage is now presented in a manner that one can enjoy fully.

Some might say that a wire is a wire, and makes no difference, but that person can go elsewhere and tell it on mountain, but I would not listen to him, now. This cable deserves to be heard.”

Helmuth Wikke, Denmark

Anthony from Acoustic Arts

"These cables are exciting because they bring so many of the strengths that are found in the “super cables” down to a more affordable price"


"Hi all,

So , I have been using Tellurium Q green for a while now and thought it was about time I posted my thoughts on its performance in my system, I had been using the Black previous to this but that is now at a friends house as he was getting curious of the silly grin I have been wearing ever since I started using Tellurium q cable ,I took it to him and await his final thoughts.

These cables have been around for some time now and you may have read my posts on what the black did for my system, well ,I can confirm that the green is also superb , when I first hooked it up I was less than enamoured , heavily rolled off treble, no real bass weight but with lots of upper bass, I noticed that the black took a couple of days worth of heavy listening to come to life and show its metal, which it duly did!! the green took almost three times as long to do its stuff, now cables are still a very contentious issue for some and cables actually burning in will be a very hard pill to swallow but this green cable is now a very different device to what was plugged in quite some time ago, I will go as far here as to say "it goes through a huge transformation" , there i said it , not only do different cables sound different but they also need burning in!!

the green has removed all glare from my system, i have to keep double checking how loud i have the system as there is no cue that the system is starting to sound compressed and distorted , my amp is only good for about 50watts but my speakers manage a good 91db 1w@ 1m,couple this to my BK xls 300 sub and this humble little system can shift some air ,previous to the green i couldn't go beyond the 10 o'clock position with my old black rhodium tango cable and the Tq Black let me go much higher but things still got a bit unruly at the 12 o'clock position but the green just doesn't give any idea of how loud the system is playing, i grabbed my phone an hour ago and did a check and it said 110db at the listening seat and i had no idea !! (must remember to say sorry to my long suffering and wonderful neighbours ) although I probably should have taken more notice of the seat throbbing in time with hypnotic bass line and the kick in the back from every thud from the kick drum, dynamically ,in the low frequencies the green quite a scary thing to behold , it has that bass that you get from a live performance , you must have felt that thing where the upper bass notes resonate higher up in your body and the really low stuff seems to move your extremities more and you feel the bass notes not hear them, well the green does that , so well in fact that i have to turn my sub down by 30% as my main speakers are now doing their thing so much better the black did this too but not with such ease.

As the frequencies rise and fall there isn't even a sniff of unevenness , the mid range is also free and more dynamic but again there isn’t any sign of the 'shout' that became all to evident with the black rhodium cable when pushed to higher volumes , rather the green forces you into sense of security that demands a fully detached house and a significant other that's either completely deaf or impossibly tolerant ! detail just pours out the system in an almost matter of fact way , I am hearing little things that i haven't heard before from records i have owned and listened to for years , it can also communicate a massive soundstage ,when its called for! and with smaller more intimate recordings i get just that ,more intimate ,, there is an even better sense of the force of the playing from performers, by that i mean if a performer is beating the life out of an instrument you know it but if they are really trying to be delicate and just eking the tiniest subtlety from it then its also communicated as just that, baring in mind my very humble system i really have to wonder what this cable would do in a much more upmarket system.

Treble is really quite sweet and if i am honest a bit too sweet for my taste , but i can forgive this as i have a few records with less than smooth upper frequencies , its not a bad thing but if you are using speakers and an amp that are already very smoothed or rolled off up top you may not like the green effect.

I know cable is just viewed as the bit of wire that connects up the important bits of the system but i now feel that this is just not the case , whatever Tellurium q have done it is something that gets to a fundamental problem and its one that I didn’t know existed , the truth to me at this moment in time is that hifi users everywhere are sitting listening to music via their respective systems and are not actually hearing the best of those recordings from those systems but are instead hearing as much of their music via those systems as the cables are letting them hear, its a damn tall statement but as i said, to me its the truth as i am now getting way more from my system than i thought it was capable of , just give the green 3 times longer than any other speaker cable you may have owned before judging its abilities and for gods sake mind the volume control,.

So again I am saying well done and thanks to Tellurium Q who do voodoo. I am trying the black interconnect at the moment so will give my thoughts on that soon, all the best for now folks“

Matt Lynch, Edinburgh

“I cannot believe how silent my system is now I am using the Tellurium Q Black interconnect”

Simon Lomax, www.musicskills.co.uk

Mini Review from the first user of our new Digital XLR

“I did an AB comparison with my old cable on the first couple of tracks I played. Then I gave up using the old cable as the difference was quite striking. My partner's first comment was that your cable sounded "softer, but in a good way". I know exactly what she means, even if I'm not sure exactly what caused the effect.

I then picked a couple of albums that always sound overly harsh on my system, and they played beautifully. Harshness had gone, and instead had been replaced by a significant increase in detail and clarity. My speakers, whilst they have their limitations, are very good at midrange sounds, so do well with vocals in particular. There was much better separation between vocals and instruments with the new cable in place. Again, albums that I think tend to sound "muddy" became nice and clear.

I must confess to being both extremely impressed, and confused at the same time! I expected either an improvement in harsh sounding CDs, OR an improvement in the "muddy" sounding ones. Not both. I suspect it's due to better detail, and hence better separation of the instruments and vocals, but I'm guessing. I thought sound staging would be a mess, given the repositioned speaker (to say nothing of the large Xmas tree in the way) but was surprised at how well things sounded once everything had warmed up a bit.

Would I recommend it? Most definitely yes. Am I going to return it? Excuse me if I quote Charlton Heston (speaking about the right to bear arms, not HiFi); "You can have (it ) when you prise it from my cold dead hands!"

However, this one cable has cleared up so many of the faults in my system, I'm not sure how much more improvement adding your other interconnects further down the chain could make without my changing to better speakers first, but I've decided it's worth finding out. Anyway, as you've probably gathered, I'm extremely taken with the sound I'm now getting. It seems to be "unscrambling" the sound, and allowing the speaker a better chance of dealing with each track.”

Dr Graham Hutchison, Derbyshire, UK

“In my first conversations with Geoff I also demanded to know about the materials that the cables are made from. But I didn't insist over much because of my 15 years of experience with different cables companies that teach me that the materials and what they are promising are not the same at all. I took Geoff's advice to listen and then judge because what really matters is how they sound and not what is in them. I admit that the option to return back the cables if I'm not satisfied and get my money back captivated me.

The result was fantastic, amazing in every aspect, wow… never heard something like that before in this price range and even more. I felt captured when I connected the Ultra black to my system, it is something that I won't forget for a while because I was so captivated by the sound I was late for a big meeting (they forgive me after I told them why). I got to warn you, do not hear the ultra black tellurium q unless you got few hours, if you set up a meeting or need to be somewhere you are probably going to be late!

Tellurium Q cables gave me such a live presentation, and I never felt so involved with the music I was hearing. The huge sound stage and the space between the notes which imitates a real stage and live performance, high resolution with the smallest details, depth and balance ,all this sits exactly where it should be. I was amazed from the combination, warmth and gentle sound with crispiness and sharpness that makes you not just listen but also to feel the music. Just try and you will find yourself listening to music you thought you knew over and over again. I connected the Tellurium Q ultra black to my system and expected that each improvement will be on some area such as tone or detail or soundstage etc and also not expecting much because the acoustic environment I was using was a normal room.

With the Tellurium Q speaker cable it was perfect, not only there wasn't a trade off, but showed improvement on every aspect, the clarity was describable, the non-acoustic environment sounded like a well invested recording studio, and the surprise was that it sounded good on every recording including oldies.

Ok I am experienced listening to high end equipment but was this just me reading more into what I was hearing? what of my clients? So I gave the Tellurium Q cables to my clients and they started to win in the auditions they made with the other brands I have in my show room(very well known brands too) and the conclusion was unequivocal. The Tellurium blue and the Tellurium black were better than cables that are twice their costs and even more and simply sounds great on every system.

The Tellurium green offers the best value for the money and performs as a audiophile cable which can fit to every system easily. At last I connected the black rca interconnect and set on the first raw on adele's concert, it was wired because she was in the royal albert hall in London and I was at my living room in Tel-aviv Israel.

In one word "wow"……"

Igal Dabra, Stereoscope, Israel

"With the full range of Tellurium Q cable at home , I could not do anything but keep trying ... the problem was to decide where to start. Well, actually had things pretty clear : after checking the impressive result of Tellurium Q Black , who had sent us the Tellurium Q Geoff Merrigan , I was crazy to get my hands on the Ultra Black.

After turning on the computer and let it run for about 1 hour , it was time to sit down and listen . Still with reference lead on the team, American-made and cost around 300 euros per meter ( slightly more expensive than the Ultra Black ) is the best cable in that price range that had been here so far. We heard several issues:

- Isao Suzuki Quartet , Blow Up - Aqua Marine
- Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio , Misty - Misty
- Patricia Barber Companion - The Beat Goes On
- Johnny Cash, American Recording - Bird on a Wire

While the computer is cool , proceed to a rapid change of cable and put in place to combat the Tellurium Q Ultra Black. Normally when we talk of a cable one tends to look for differences in timbre , higher or lower level of information, location of instruments , acoustic flat tints . In all these respects the Tellurium Q Ultra Black is fantastic, well above the reference cable . In Aqua Marine we can distinguish metals mode, scrolling through the virtual scene with a clarity and a level of reality in exquisite timbres , while we can clearly distinguish the sound of the different metals . The bass played with a bow by Isao Suzuki on this issue has a number of amazement details : we can hear when the bow rests on the strings , the movement of the fingers for the mast...

The timbre of Ultra Black is extremely natural, the level of detail and the amount of information that let 's fabulous, but gentlemen , it is really amazing how the Ultra Black allows the attack of the notes and play the decay of the same ... is something that simply had never heard. On the subject Misty, piano Tsuyoshi Yamamoto sounds like never heard before : the notes are now well defined , we see with surgical clarity and a total reality as the strings are cocked , the decay of the same , the drive piano pedals and something amazing : the silence between notes. The feeling is that Mr. Yamamoto plays the piano in a more determined manner and the music flows more naturally ... all with an absolute naturalness of timbre , superb soundstage and detail reference . Patricia Barber 's voice and the sound of Johnny Cash just as well ... bass Topic Home Companion has a depth and definition to teach in schools to make cables, if any, Cash 's voice is presented in all its "weight" and solemnity , while most clearly appreciated the faint sound of his lips to prepare for the next word will singfabulous!

You may have better speaker cables , but so far I 've not heard."

Francisco Moya, Audiohum, Cordoba, Spain (direct Google translation)