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Register Your Tellurium Q® Product

Please note: Products must be registered within 30 days of purchase

  • Part 2: Product Information

  • Product being registered (search or select from list)
  • If your product has a serial number on the heat shrink enter it here.
  • Please keep your receipt - you may need this for proof of purchase.
  • If you are happy that the above information is accurate, press the Register button to complete the registration process.

Thank you for choosing Tellurium Q® products and welcome to product registration.

In order to register your Tellurium Q® product please complete the registration form in full.

Registration information stays with Tellurium Q® and is NEVER shared with third parties. We may email you very occasionally with news from TQ-HQ which you are welcome to "opt-out" of at any time in the future.

We would like you to have the most clear, transparent and natural listening experience and hope that you enjoy your new Tellurium Q® products.

Extended Warranty

We want you to enjoy your Tellurium Q product and have confidence that we are there for you. So we offer a free extended warranty that extends your standard two years to seven years if you register within 30 days of purchase.

If for some reason the product gets accidentally damaged, do not worry we can still fix it for you even though that will not be covered by the warranty. There will just be a nominal (and yes we do mean small) fee for parts, labour and return shipping. We do this because we care about our products and want them to be their best and we care about our customers because without you there is no Tellurium Q. Where aftercare is concerned our motto really is “treat people as you would want to be treated yourself”.

Incidentally, a cable service is available to bring your product back to its peak performance but this is outside the scope of this warranty and there will be a small cost – agreed at time of contact for that service.

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