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Made in Britain products secured by Austrian security labels ready for counterfeiting challenges around the Globe

World-wide premium reputation & hand built in Britain  – these are just two of many reasons why Tellurium Q® wants their clients to have confidence that they own authentic, high performance cables. Tellurium Q® and Authentic Vision have joined forces to enable customers to securely check the authenticity of their cables just by scanning the warranty card with the Check If Real App – free to download at the App Store for iOs or Google Play store for Android.

“We have chosen Authentic Vision because of the concept they are bringing to the market. Such a simple yet effective use of technology to benefit our customers. There is always a danger of any manufacturer’s product being counterfeited, that is just a fact of life in this day and age. So we have decided to act proactively and safeguard our customers before it ever becomes an issue and with Authentic Vision on our side it never has to.”

This is why Tellurium Q® have partnered with Authentic Vision:
An online system driven from encrypted physical labels that  allows our customers to instantly check product authenticity for themselves just by scanning the product with the Check If Real app on their smartphone.
“It is a bit of a game changer”, comments Geoff Merrigan, Director at Tellurium Q®.

“We are particularly happy that Authentic Vision was able to work with Tellurium Q® and ensure all the customers about the origins of their purchase without any lengthy processes or examinations – one scan is enough – which is the easiest to use authentication solution for customers worldwide.” Says Peter Kostur, VP of business development at Authentic Vision.

How it works:

One: Tellurium Q®’s warranty cards has an Authentic Vision label – a highly secure, irreproducible configuration combining randomised 3D holographic image with an encrypted datamatrix.
Two: The Check if Real smartphone app instantly authenticates your product as genuine.
Three: Direct and automatic access to product registration and extended warranty the instant that you authenticate the product using Authentic Vision.

Press contact:
Email: admin@telluriumq.com
Tel: (01458) 251997
Website: telluriumq.com

Authentic Vision is essentially a new system developed to authenticate and protect products from grey imports and give customers confidence that they have the genuine article.  Tellurium Q was approached by Authentic Vision to pioneer and partner this game changing technology because of the reputation of their products.

This is being rolled out into the UK later this September and the rest of the world in October.

Date of issue: August 2016