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How do I authenticate my Tellurium Q® product?

Tellurium Q® products that belong to our Black and Silver families will come boxed with a special warranty card. On the reverse of the card you should find an Authentic Vision hologram/QR sticker. Simply download the Check If Real app from the App store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android mobile devices and scan the hologram sticker to check your product is genuine. You can also find links to the app at checkifreal.com

Step 1

Find the QR hologram sticker on reverse of the warranty card.

Step 2

Download the Check If Real app from the App store or Google Play store.

Step 3

Scan the QR Hologram sticker using the app on your mobile device and authenticate your product.

Are Tellurium Q cables directional?

Tellurium Q® speaker cables do not start out directional but we have noticed that they tend to exhibit "directionality" once burnt in. This is especially true for the higher level cables so we have arrows on these cables indicating direction. You should set up your system so that the arrows always point away from the source, i.e. DAC, Turntable, CD player etc through the amplifier towards the speakers or headphones.


The way in which we bi-wire is not a case of dividing up a single cable to separate the signal. We use a whole extra cable and fix it at the amp end into the one connector so you really do get an appreciable audible gain in performance. The cables are then kept separate all the way to their respective terminals. The downside is that it costs almost twice as much as a single with jumper but the upside is that the performance is exceptional. Depending on which cable you choose it is often better to go up the range instead of bi-wire. For example a single wire Ultra Black with a jumper will way out perform a bi wire Black speaker cable. If you are already looking at the top of the range then bi-wire and sit back.